Graduation Day 2011

29 10 2011

Today marks the graduation day for both Julia and Jason from Year 6 and Year 4 respectively. Well, technically it’s a pre-graduation celebration as both of them have yet to sit for their year-end exams. I guess the school didn’t want to distract the kids from their exam preparations, thus doing it earlier.

This year’s event would be a long one for both the missus and me, as they did the Year 3 to 5 session in the afternoon, leaving the Year 6 graduation ceremony towards the evening. That means we’ll be there from noon till night!

Jason’s dance performance seems an improvement compared to last year. His reflexes and co-ordination looks much better now.

Pom-pom performance

Jason again got the Best Improvement Award for the second consecutive year. I guess he’s slowly but surely improving. WELL DONE, SON!

Hiding his toothy grin behind the award

By the evening, it was time for Julia to graduate.

My princess graduates today

Once again, she proved her abilities by getting an award for the third consecutive year… two awards, in fact. The first being Best Reader – English, which was her second consecutive year getting it.

The icing on the cake was snagging the Best Reading Competition (English), which was held onstage during the event. She was pitted against three other children of equal caliber and she easily outdid them. WELL DONE, GIRL!

Darn it! I need a better camera

Getting her award

My princess with her two awards

Next year will see Julia going to primary school in Standard One, while Jason will be enrolled to a new kindergarten in Midah. Here’s hoping they will carry on with their studies diligently and make all of us proud.

Jason’s Birthday 4 Years Old

6 08 2011

Today is Jason’s birthday and he’s four years old. The missus personally made a special cake for her prince and decorated it with some Thomas & Friends toys on top of it.

Happy faces all round

More of clowning around


Time to cut the cake

After all the dinner and cake, Big Prince Darrell tells me that he wants to taste the oxtail soup I’ve been talking about for the last few weeks. *SIGH* Reluctantly, his wish was my command.

Do I look like Gordon Ramsay to you?

And the verdict of my soup-making skills?


Jason is 3 today

6 08 2010

Today is Jason’s birthday, and he’s three years old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JASON.

A Visit to the Doctor for Jason

12 03 2010

We took Jason to see the doctor today, as he was having high fever last night. The doctor said he has a throat infection and gave him the appropriate medicines.

He always has a good time playing with the toy house at the clinic, that’s before seeing the doctor.

Haircut For The Kids

10 09 2008

The weather’s been kinda erratic lately, so we decided to give the kids a haircut to make them feel refreshed.

Julia got hers cut into a short bob, done at Quick Cut Giant Bukit Tinggi for RM15 on 30th August.

We gave Jason the fastest and quickest style – crewcut. Done at a barber shop at Klang for RM5 on 9th September.

Jason Walks The Walk

4 09 2008

FINALLY! After months of trying to get Jason to walk on his own unaided, he has finally managed to gather the courage to do so today, exactly one year and one month after being born. The stubborn lil’ fella is actually strong enough to walk but probably lacked the confidence to do so in the past.

We’ve been trying to training him to walk by holding his hands, first with two hands then eventually on one hand. Slowly we tried to let go the hands and today things seem to go according to plan.

And off he goes...

And off he goes...

He seemed excited, and naturally we cheered him on.

Look mommy, I can walk.

Look mommy, I can walk.

Let's go, let's go...

Let's go, let's go...

Kids will be kids. When he starts to walk a bit, he quickly wants to go somewhere already. And he’s taken the car keys too!

Now to see when he’ll start to talk the talk.

"Can walk means can drive lah..."

"Can walk means can drive lah..."

Jason’s Birthday in KL

2 08 2008

This round, we celebrated his birthday in KL with the grandparents and my brother’s family too. What to do, he’s the youngest of the family and he’s ONE YEARS OLD (or as Darrell would say, “大老板”).

The Boss!

The Boss!

Surrounded by the other prince and princesses of the family.

(L-R) Charlotte, Darrell, Jason & Julia

(L-R) Charlotte, Darrell, Jason & Julia

"I wanna ride the horsey, Nai Nai"

"奶奶,I wanna ride the 木馬."

Time to blow the candle and cut the cake, my boy.

"Can't wait to have my cake and eat it!"

"What's with the photo? I wanna eat the cake."

"Candle and singing, I LIKE!!"

"Candle and singing, I LIKE!!"

"Quick, cut the cake mommy"

"Quick, cut the cake mommy."

Happy Birthday my son.

"I'm CUTE!"

"I'm CUTE, aren't I?"

Jason’s Birthday in Seremban

20 07 2008

We celebrated Jason’s birthday earlier via a dinner in Seremban, in order for the babysitters to be able to celebrate with him, seeing that we would be moving to Klang soon. We went for Korean food at a restaurant called Sil Ro Am at TTJ.

With papa & mama

With papa & mama

"姨媽,let me show you some kung-fu."

"姨媽,let me show you some kung-fu."

"I'm hungry, where's my food??"

"I'm hungry, where's my food??"

"Ahh... NOW we're talking. Shall we begin?"

"Ahh... NOW we're talking. Shall we begin?"


"Mmm... yummy."

"Thanks for the meal. See ya again."

"Thanks for coming. See ya again."