Jason’s Birthday in KL

2 08 2008

This round, we celebrated his birthday in KL with the grandparents and my brother’s family too. What to do, he’s the youngest of the family and he’s ONE YEARS OLD (or as Darrell would say, “大老板”).

The Boss!

The Boss!

Surrounded by the other prince and princesses of the family.

(L-R) Charlotte, Darrell, Jason & Julia

(L-R) Charlotte, Darrell, Jason & Julia

"I wanna ride the horsey, Nai Nai"

"奶奶,I wanna ride the 木馬."

Time to blow the candle and cut the cake, my boy.

"Can't wait to have my cake and eat it!"

"What's with the photo? I wanna eat the cake."

"Candle and singing, I LIKE!!"

"Candle and singing, I LIKE!!"

"Quick, cut the cake mommy"

"Quick, cut the cake mommy."

Happy Birthday my son.

"I'm CUTE!"

"I'm CUTE, aren't I?"



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