Jason Walks The Walk

4 09 2008

FINALLY! After months of trying to get Jason to walk on his own unaided, he has finally managed to gather the courage to do so today, exactly one year and one month after being born. The stubborn lil’ fella is actually strong enough to walk but probably lacked the confidence to do so in the past.

We’ve been trying to training him to walk by holding his hands, first with two hands then eventually on one hand. Slowly we tried to let go the hands and today things seem to go according to plan.

And off he goes...

And off he goes...

He seemed excited, and naturally we cheered him on.

Look mommy, I can walk.

Look mommy, I can walk.

Let's go, let's go...

Let's go, let's go...

Kids will be kids. When he starts to walk a bit, he quickly wants to go somewhere already. And he’s taken the car keys too!

Now to see when he’ll start to talk the talk.

"Can walk means can drive lah..."

"Can walk means can drive lah..."



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