Time To Move On With My Career

15 09 2009

My career with Giant is coming to a close soon, as I have tendered my resignation letter today. It has not been an easy decision to make, especially when I have served the company for the last 8 1/2 years.

Nevertheless, the opportunity to learn something new elsewhere was too good to pass up. The fact that my future boss came down personally to speak to me about the job prospect, coupled with the current impasse in career, meant that the decision made is without regret.

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Giant Sales Commitment Conference

14 11 2008

Well, it’s that time of the year again – Giant’s annual Sales Commitment Conference. This year’s conference was held at the same venue as last year, at Pulai Springs Resort in Johor.


Four days three nights of endless seminar-style listening to go with the endless rounds of eating, drinking and partying (I kid you not!). It’s the same pattern every year. Morning till afternoon will be in the hall listening to endless droning about meeting next year’s budget. Late afternoon will see everyone take part in sports and activities, followed quickly with other side activities and presentations to go with your dinner. Lastly, it’ll be drinks, drinks and more drinks to cap the night.

With Maria Leong and Lim Teow Leang

With Maria Leong and Lim Teow Leang

Alex Shim being squirted with vodka by the vodka girls

Alex Shim being squirted with vodka by the vodka girls

This year’s theme was related to F1, something about ‘racing ahead of the competition’. Look at my tag and you’ll know.

img_6888This annual energy-sapping conference is not exactly something that’s enjoyable but it’s also not something that’s dreaded. To get all the goodies, you’ll need to pay the price. Plenty of booze, added with lack of sleep and rest, is something that thankfully only happens once a year.

GHKG Annual Dinner

22 10 2008

Today was Giant Klang’s 6th Annual Dinner, which was held at the KLIA Pan Pacific Hotel. Themed “Traditional & Elegant”, it was the first time I attended Klang’s annual dinner do. I was seated at the VIP table as usual, just beside the VVIP table. Normally the table would be filled with other Division Heads and committee members but somehow, all of them were busy with the do. In the end, the table was filled by my team members from the office and Maintenance Dept.

My team, Sharifah and Angel.

My team, Sharifah and Angel.

Everyone had an enjoyable time, since it was basically a night to celebrate the contributions of all the staff. I left around 11.15 pm when the whole thing ended, didn’t want to hang around for the dancing session, in case the VVIPs decide to catch hold of me for a drinking session instead.