Day Trip Back To Senawang

21 09 2008

We made a day-trip back to Senawang today to have a look at the house. This will likely be a monthly affair now that we’re staying in Klang for now. We left early at 10.30am from Klang, with the weather fairly shady making it just nice for a leisurely drive down. We reached Senawang around 11.30am decided to have an early lunch at King’s Cafe in Giant Senawang. Upon finishing lunch, we then headed to Taman Bandar Senawang.

A whole stack of letters were in the mailbox, waiting to be collected. Gotta remember to update the correspondence address for some of the mails. The saddest part about coming home is seeing the plants dying, and the lawn overgrown with weeds.

I think I’ll need to take a few days’ leave to come back and rectify the situation there. It breaks my heart to see my home in such a deteriorating state.

Anyway, I went about mopping the floor while the wife gave the kids a bath. Once everything finished, we just rested to enjoy the comfort of our own home for a while.

Going through the bills, mails and junks in the mailbox.

Going through the bills, mails and junks of the mailbox.

Julia seemed happy to have found her necklace again.

The wife and Jason just glad to be home.

The wife and Jason just glad to be home.

We dropped by to mom-in-law’s place briefly before we headed back to Klang at 3.00pm, tired. We’re glad that the home is still fine for now. Home is where the heart is, and my heart still goes for the house I have in Senawang.