Trip To Ulu Bendul

27 10 2008

We took a trip to Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest today with Christina’s relatives i.e. brothers, sister, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. We departed from the house at 9.15am and reached there around 10.00am, just nice to find a cool and relaxing spot.

The water was ice-cold, since it flowed down from the mountains above. The kids had a fun time swimming in the pool, while the adults were all busy eating and drinking all the food that was brought there.

Julia and Tze Wei enjoying some grub after a swim.

Julia and Tze Wei enjoying some grub after a swim.

Jason and mommy having a go at the waters.

Jason and mommy having a go at the waters.

"I'm hungry. Where's my food?"

"I'm hungry. Where's my food?"

We left around 3.00pm and headed back home, where everyone just kinda napped because of tiredness. We left Jason back at the babysitter’s in the evening and had dinner before heading back to Klang. It was a slow drive back, as the highway was jammed with other commuters heading back too after a long weekend.



2 responses

12 12 2008

Good trip huh? Hope there ain’t shit floating around when u swim in the river …. unless it has dissolved already … ha ha ha

18 11 2009

Woa.. the comment is not from me. How can some idiot come to this. Maybe should reduce the one who put the comment above as a moron. You should have put your own name and your own website, coward!

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