Funeral Rites III

27 09 2008

Most of the people here are quite tired by today, as it has been four days and three nights of endless activities, rituals and rites.

The coffin was symbolically ‘shut’ to signify a separation of the dead from the living. Before it was shut, all of us were asked to place some ‘scripture money’ inside her coffin, so as to enable her to carry it forward into her reincarnation and be reborn into a wealthy life. The real nailing shut of the coffin would be done tomorrow.

Nearing the end of tonight’s rituals, it was time to burn the paper house, car, effigies and ‘hellnotes’ that were folded since the first day of ritual. It is hoped that she would not need to toil in the afterlife with all these ‘wealth’ sent to ease her journey in the other world and bribe her with the officials of the other world so that she may be allowed to be reincarnated.

Well, that’s it for the night rituals. Tomorrow, she will finally be laid to rest.



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