Mother-In-Law Passed Away

24 09 2008

It is with deep sorrow to note that my mother-in-law passed away today. Madam Lew Wai Tai, aged 65, passed away after a brief illness at the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital in Seremban at 5.07pm, surrounded by kins and relatives.

Cause of death has been stated as septicemia in the Death Certificate. Arrangements are being made to bring the body home to her house in Seremban Garden for funeral rites.

During our day trip back last Sunday, we did drop by to see her for a short while. She was feeling under the weather but she did look fine generally when I saw her then. I guess I can’t get over the fact that she would be gone just days after last seeing her.

She had lived a prosperous and fruitful life, surrounded by many friends and relatives. The last few years of her life saw her leading a blind and immobile life, but she was generally upbeat about life despite the circumstances. Many saw her demise as her relief from her perceived sufferings of the circumstances. May she rest in peace.



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