Wife’s Birthday

11 08 2010

Today is my better half’s birthday. Originally wanted to bring the family out for dinner but the kids are a bit under the weather.

We made up for it by deciding to buy a birthday cake but when we went to the cake shop, the choices were limited and uninspired. So we decided to buy 4 slices of different cakes to liven things up.


Jason is 3 today

6 08 2010

Today is Jason’s birthday, and he’s three years old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JASON.

Charlotte’s 6th Birthday

10 04 2010

We celebrated my niece Charlotte’s 6th birthday today. We bought her books as presents, which we bought from MPH Mid Valley this morning. Happy Birthday, Charlotte.

Dad’s 65th Birthday

20 03 2010

Tonight we celebrated dad’s 65th birthday. We took him out for an eight-course dinner at Jun Kee Restaurant in Taman Midah.

After dinner, we went back home to celebrate his birthday. Just so happened that a group of his friends dropped by to visit, so we had more people to share the joy and the cake.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

A Trip To The Mines

20 03 2010

This morning, we decided to go to The Mines shopping mall for some window shopping and “market research”. It’s been quite a while since I came to the mall and things have changed a lot since ownership changed hands.

We had breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam (where else) before proceeding to walk around the mall. Wifey bought caps for the kids, both with Mickey Mouse motif. Later, we bought a cake for my dad’s birthday tonight.
One thing unique about the mall is the canal that runs through it. There were plenty of fishes found inside it, so we bought bread to feed it so that they would surface to let the kids see them. There’s really a lot of BIG koi fish, catfish and other species.
We had lunch at A&W before heading home.

Family Time at Breakfast

18 03 2010

I had a bit of time to spare this morning, as I was required to attend a meeting in HQ at 10am. So we decided to grab a quick breakfast nearby the apartment.

We walked over to the coffee shop in front of Maybank near Kenanga Point for breakfast. While waiting for the food and drinks, I asked the wife to help grab a few pix of me and the kids.

Trip to Central Matket

14 03 2010

We came to Central Market this morning to look for something as a gift to be given to my father for his birthday next week. It’s been years since I last came here and things have changed a lot in this building.

We had breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam before we went around the mall. We finally settled on a customized mug which had a photo of the kids.

A Visit to the Doctor for Jason

12 03 2010

We took Jason to see the doctor today, as he was having high fever last night. The doctor said he has a throat infection and gave him the appropriate medicines.

He always has a good time playing with the toy house at the clinic, that’s before seeing the doctor.

Blood Donation

7 03 2010

It’s been quite some time since I last donated blood. Just so happened that The Summit was doing a Hari Sihat event which had blood donation as one of its activity.

I’m on TV

20 02 2010

The Summit Subang USJ had organized for Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) to hold the launch of a donation drive for USJ residents, in response to the recent Haiti earthquake devastation. As usual, I was tasked with representing the mall, as well as the role of spokesperson in case the reporters turned up to cover the event.

Press reporters? Turned out none came. TV reporter? Yes, there was one! Bernama TV turned up to cover the event and voila! I had my 15 seconds of fame on TV.